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Was rebuilt in 2016 at ~150tKm: 1 piston new all piston rings connecting rod bearing clutch and a lot more

Nevertheless, the 30 years have not gone by without a trace….

In addition to a thorough cleaning, during which every screw was checked, a few things were replaced:

  • Fuel and air filter
  • Timing belt, tension pulley and water pump
  • Camshaft seal and sealing ring
  • Both V-belts
  • Thermostat

Doesn't cost the earth but gives a good feeling…. Still open:

  • Lambda sensor
  • Temperature sensor


3/23: After a Test bench run I have to go in search of the runaway horses.

Candidates are:

Full throttle switch + throttle valve ignition harness valve train

It probably never had 204PS/150KW….but for the effort Lorenz put in during his time, it should be a few more…

Update 4/23:

Compression pressure (cold engine) is 10.5 - 11.5 bar –> all good… Valve train: Everything in “target” Full load switch on the throttle valve: DEFECTIVE! –> It is not enriched at full throttle…. Most of the escaping horses are probably caught by this….


of course BEFORE the test bench run

And while I'm at it, I'll of course add a splash of color….

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