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Engine + rebuild after engine damage

Kilos of scrap iron…A lump of cast iron that is said to come from a tractor…

But that's only partly true: The four-cylinder engines of the early TR (2-4a) are derived from an engine that Triumph-Standard built for Massey-Ferguson tractors…

The 2 liter six-cylinder of the Gt6/Dolomite/Sedan was a completely new design using identical parts e.g. with Spitfire engines (connecting rods etc.) and was brought to 2.5 liters for the TR6 / Triumph 2500 with more stroke…

This made it extremely long-stroke, lost liveliness, but increased the torque.

"Wet oil"

Supposedly an English engine is empty if no oil drips out… But there are also said to be dry “specimens”…

It is usually due to a lack of knowledge, bad spare parts or simply wear and tear that oil leaks out.
Worn piston rings/cylinder liners increase the internal pressure, poor quality crankshaft oil seals then allow the oil to escape at the front and rear. A warped sheet metal oil pan (screws too tight) does not make it any better. The same applies to the Getriebe

Oil pan

Can be straightened: straighten warped screw holes: suitable nut and a screw “from behind” and then straighten the contact surface with “light blows to the back of the head”:

In my TR there was an early carburetor engine…not bad in itself…but unfortunately the intake manifolds do not match the hole spacing of the Lucas intake manifolds….

So: Replace the head….

The “new” head comes from a TR250 was “optimized”…. exactly like the rest: Valves, guides, springs, camshaft, rocker arms, rocker shaft etc.

Result: the car runs >200Km/h (GPS measured)

Reconstruction after engine damage

My son called me with the words: “First the red light came on and after 2 minutes the engine stopped…” And I knew immediately: “This is going to be expensive…”

Oil pump damage → crankshaft damage (main bearing + connecting rod)

So I got the big package: VW pistons (77.01mm), H-shaft connecting rods from BarTek, bearing shells for the camshaft and everything was finely balanced… Compression ratio 9.79:1

With a paint scale from the neighboring car paint shop, adjustment to 0.4 grams! :-)

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