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I fell for the sight of the floor panel back then:

I only discovered later that the whole thing was glued in with body sealant:

I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves:

All the metal is either crooked or eaten away by rust or both…. except for the roof skin…but more on that later

second body

By a lucky coincidence, I came across a second bodyshell - albeit MK1 RHD - for €150! Converting it to MK2 LHD is work, but not impossible. But first of all, here are some pictures of the good piece as I found it near Saarbrücken:

Covered with a tarpaulin on stones in a meadow…..Completely welded and painted in rust protection colour….

Except for the roof from the inside, where condensation has eaten through the roof cladding from the inside to the outside over time…

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