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Lorenz BMW Z1 ´92

In high school I used to supplement my pocket money at a petrol station….
The tenant drove a red BMW Z1..
Since then, I've never let go of that thing…..\

And before I got so old that I couldn't get out of the car, I thought: I'll check something off the bucket list again…

BMW Z1 “Lorenz” Ez 2/'92

At that time it was available from Lorenz for 109.000,- D-Mark

  • 2.7L with officially 204 HP
  • 284° camshaft (or 272°?)
  • tubular headers
  • Metal catalytic converters
  • 4-pipe exhaust
  • 40mm lower due to H&R springs
  • Koni dampers
  • MOMO steering wheel
  • Stereo (Alpine, Class-D amplifier and MB-Quart 3-way speakers)



There were a few “jobs” to do:

Change front wheel bearing urgently

Fuel hose between pump and filter leaking…..

Gearbox oil was due (and too little)

Polishing the rear window….

What was done (preventively):

  • Engine timing belt/tensioner pulley + Wapu
  • Thermostat
  • Lambda sensor
  • Temperature sensor control unit + display
  • Air filter

and what else I notice during further test drives….

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