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Spare parts from the 3D printer

Some of the spare parts that you can buy as replicas are such a poor fit that I didn't even install them…. Other spare parts simply don't exist…

Here is a list of parts that are now available for “self-printing”….

TR6 Lockable insert for the fuel filler neck:

TR6/TR4 Wiper-washer nozzles:

TR6 Air flap button '69-72:

Wheel Center Cap for Triumph:

Sunvisor bracket:

Triumph GT6 Door Handle:

Heater controls:

TR4 Air Vent Triumph

TR4 - Ashtray

lug-nut split-ring:

TR6 Glove Box Catch:

Spitfire MK1,2,3 Radio plate:

Spitfire Headlight Switch Retainer:

LED center tunnel lighting:


Triumph TR6 Window Winder Door Handle Pin Removal Shim tool

Triumph TR6 Glove Box Catch

Overdrive Shift Knob/Covers for Triumph, MGB, Leyland, others

Triumph GT6+ Mk2 Tail light Plinth

Stromberg 150 velocity stack

And tons of badges and other nonsense can also be found at Thingiverse….

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